The Engine Bay: The Nightmare Edition

Posted: August 6, 2010 in Uncategorized

I got ambitious tonight. I pulled the car cover back and decided to take a peek under the hood. I had only really glanced in there before, knowing that it was all going to be gutted and a different engine used.  I grabbed what was left of the Hood, which was merely laid on the open engine compartment.  The RH Hood hinge had long ago rusted off its mounting, unable to hold up the rusty hood any longer.  I set it off to the side and really looked at this car:

It was scary. The kind of Scary that stays with a man for a long time. It was rusty. Jagged.  Weathered.  Tired. Gutted. Sad.

Alot of pine needles compacted in clumps all over had held moisture over the  years.  It rusted most anything they had come in contact with.  Battery trays & their Battery areas in general corrode due to the years of battery acid & battery sweat taking their toll on the metal. However this panel was completely gone.  In fact the battery was still connected, and dangling from its cables in the area that used to be its perch. The whole area was gone, exposing the RH tire and wheel. It also corroded the RH front crossmember area:

The Battery Tray Area. Or lack thereof.

The Rusted out Crossmember:

Scary, huh? But I know its all fixable. With time, money, patience, money, experience, money, good friends, oh….and Money.


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