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Tick Tock…I hear a Clock.

Posted: October 21, 2010 in Uncategorized


I found a good condition ’58 Ford Dash clock on Ebay. It needed a good cleaning, and the clock hands had to be painted.  I also had to buff out the clear face as there were quite a few scratches and some discoloration.  It turned out really nice.


The ’58 Ford 2 door wagon Donor car that Bob had found a couple of years ago has given up yet more vital parts.   This time, it was the Passenger side Inner fender & Battery box, the RH upper control arm, and both front fender trims.  Bob was kind enough to pick them up and deliver them to me, as he was going to be in the area.  Both Bob and the Junk yard owner were amazed at the condition of the inner fender.

This car has been in the junkyard for over 35 years without a hood on it.  Oregon gets its fair share of rain, so it was a shock to find a panel that was not only relatively rust free, but still had its factory black paint on it.

The Upper control arm is solid, and will need a new ball joint.  My old one is so rusty, that parts of it were literally flaking away on the edges.

The stainless steel fender trims were in excellent shape. They were straight, and only had one minor ding.  After a dent removal, filing, sanding and buffing, these trims will be like brand new.

Bob’s lovely wife Luanne was with him for the parts drop off.  She hadn’t seen “Rusty” (the name my wife has given to my ’58 Ford Ranch Wagon) in person.   So Bob and I slowly rolled back the car cover, which acts  like an auto cocoon that sheaths the Ranch Wagon during its metamorphosis into an awesome ride.  Her reaction was much like my wife’s:

“Wow……it’s…..going to need……. some work.”

Translating this from Car wife talk to Car guy talk equates to:

“Nice project! That’s going to be awesome when it’s finished.”

My wife came out and we all stood around “Rusty.  As Bob and I walked around showing the wives the great parts about the wagon, Luanne comforted my wife like only someone who is married to Car Nut could.

It takes a special kind of woman to put up with the disease that is Car Nut Madness.  And we love them for it.

NOS 58 Wagon Back-up Lights

Posted: October 16, 2010 in Uncategorized

I have picked up a set of 1958 Ford Station Wagon Back-up light assemblies. They are like new, with a few minor scratches from being on shelves for the past 52 years.

On a previous post, I had bought another set of 1958 Ford Back-up light assemblies, but upon further inspection the first set were for the 2 door, 4 door and Convertibles.  They will not fit onto the Station Wagon Tail light plates.  Here are a few pictures so you all will see what I mean:

2 Door,4 Door, & Convertible  Rear Back-up lights

Wagon Back-up Lights (Round)

By the way,  I think I just found my favorite ’58 Wagon Color combination.  That Seafoam Green/White color is awesome.  This is certainly at the top of the list for color options for my ’58 Ranch Wagon!

I decided I did not like the look of the Dash on the ’58 without an AM Radio.  It looks too bland.  So I have been looking for a nice original with the face plate & knobs.  I found one on Ebay.  It was from a ’58 Ford Fairlane 500 in Kansas, and cleaned up real nice.

The face plate is relatively pit free, and the chrome knobs are beautiful.  The white face is in great shape, and the dial still turns and functions.

The white dial pre-set knobs which are usually yellowed and brittle are in excellent shape and cleaned up beautifully.  I don’t plan on every making the radio function, as I will put a hidden modern Stereo/CD changer in.  I just want the dial face to light up when turned on, and when the dash lights are on.

The white radio knobs themselves have yellowed, but I have access to those new and are bright white and match the white ivory color of the pre-set buttons.  I bought it for a bargain price, so I am pretty pleased.

I am looking for the 1958 Dash Clock, with matching bezel, so don’t be surprised to see that added to the stockpile of parts over the coming winter.