I purchased a set of reproduction Ball joints for the Ranch Wagon.  I just couldn’t find NOS lower ball joints at a reasonable price.  So I found the best quality reproductions available.  The rubber grease boots are high quality, which is important to look for in a reproduction ball  joint. Too often the boot ages quickly, dries out and becomes brittle. This leads to it tearing and falling apart. Then the grease won’t stay in the housing, and grit and contaminants can get into it and ruin the ball joint.  The vendors don’t sell the grease boot by itself, so you are usually stuck buying a new ball joint just for the boot.  FRUSTRATING!!!

I have soaked the upper control arms, ground the factory rivets off of the upper ball joints, hammered them out, and will be sand blasting them tomorrow.  I then plan on taking them and a number of other items to the powder coater.  I am cutting it close to self imposed deadline of September 15 to have the front suspension refurbished/replaced and the wheels on the ground, but I think I can make it.


  1. Zapato says:

    RW, who is your powdercoater ? Am jealous of your progress can’t wait to get going on mine.

  2. ranchwagon says:

    Hey Zapato,

    I have TufCoat in the Tualatin/Tigard area do my powder coating.

    16200 SW 72nd Ave,Portland,OR,97224,US
    Fax: (503) 624-6557
    Phone: (503) 684-0508

    Their website: http://www.tufcoat.com/home.html

  3. Scott says:

    Where did you buy the repop ball joints from?
    I’m also jealous of how much you’re getting done!

  4. ranchwagon says:

    Hey Scott,
    I purchased by lower ball joints from The Bird Nest. The lower ball joints on 1958-60 Thunderbirds are the same as on a 1957-59 Ford Full size car.

    http://www.tbirdparts.com part # 10130.

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