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Another Part of the heater is restored today.  I sand blasted the complete Heater Box assembly and painted it semi-gloss black today.  It turned out pretty good. The only dash pieces left to restore are the Heater Core Box, and the under dash heater plenum. I will be doing those tomorrow.

Here are some Before & After shots:


Blower Motor Assembly Restored

Posted: January 15, 2011 in Uncategorized

During these long, wet, cold winter evenings I have been cleaning and trying to restore as many components as possible.  The first was the heater Blower motor and housing assembly. I glass beaded the housing, and painted it black.  I then  went through the blower motor, greased the bearing, and cleaned the brushes & Armature. I reassembled it, and it blows fast and quiet just like it did originally. I have some before and After pictures:

I will continue to restore heater parts such as the metal plenum, and the metal under dash heater box that contains the heater core.

If I keep working on restoring different components until the Oregon Rain stops,  I have a good chance of running out of things to restore!

The Original Photo Radar

Posted: January 2, 2011 in Uncategorized

Camera+Ladder+Daredevil+1958 Ford Ranch Wagon = Mobile Photo Radar!