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A follower of this blog asked a question about removing the gas tank, and filler neck from their ’58 Ford Wagon.

His biggest question was how to remove the filler neck. Well, it is held into the tank with a large rubber o’ring. It shoves onto the filler neck, and then shoved into the tank. The gas neck also has a small bracket welded to it, near the top. It has a threaded hole in it for a bolt to hold it against the body. You must remove the bolt before getting the filler neck to be removed.  Here is a picture of the neck & gas tank:









Hope these pictures help! Its always easier to visualize what you’re working with before attacking it. It is impossible to see the top side of the tank without removing it.


I purchased an NOS (New Old Stock) vacuum controlled  heater control valve on Ebay.  It was an exact duplicate of the one I removed from the ’58. I also bought a new heater core and an NOS Temperature control valve on Ebay as well.









As  you can see, the opening where the valve meets the heater core is very rotted out. That jagged,gaping hole is supposed to be a lot smaller and oval in shape.  The vacuum operated valve no longer opens or closes. There is no hope for this unit.

Here are the new units in their original boxes, in case somebody needs to see the numbers in order to search for these for their own cars.









Putting the units side by side, you can see they are exactly the same. You can also see the difference between the rotted out opening and what it is supposed to look like from the new unit.

After assembling the pair, I installed it onto the new heater core.  Then I installed it into the powder coated heater core box.  Another assembly finished and set aside for final installation!