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Posted: January 17, 2013 in Uncategorized

It’s Winter.  That’s all I can give as an excuse as to why I haven’t done any work on the Ranch Wagon since November. It’s rainy, wet, cold, and dark.  All these added up to a sum of me being inside, working on other projects. I did manage to get the car cover off of the wagon on a cold, clear day.  I wanted to let it air out a bit and check to see if any water had gotten in.

January 06, 2013

It was mostly dry. The sun wasn’t putting off much heat, but I soaked up some water that had puddled in the engine compartment and put the car cover back on in the evening.  I have been working on cleaning up the transmission cross member brace.  I won’t be paining it anytime soon, as the temperatures prohibit it.  I’ll post some pictures later of some of the progress I’ve made on some of the inside projects I’ve done where it’s warm and dry.