A new gas tank: Sometimes you have to pay up.

Posted: November 30, 2016 in Uncategorized

New Gas tank Top side 2

I purchased a used gas tank a few years ago. It looked solid, however having it flushed and cleaned revealed some pretty thin areas. And with re sealing with chemicals etc, it made me ponder just replacing with a new one. So I did. Found it in ebay, and for a pretty good price. So if you have a ’57-’59 Ford/Edsel Wagon or a ’57-59′ Ranchero you should purchase a new tank. They were a limited production run, so once they are out, I doubt they will make another run of them!


The ebay seller is tomsclassic . He has them about $150 cheaper than everyone else. It’s a beautiful tank and liked it so much, I purchased one for my ’66 Fairlane GTA Convertible.

  1. Zapato says:

    No better feeling when dealing with gasoline than being safe. You definitely made the right choice.

  2. Matthew Piedl says:

    Hi, I’m working on a 1958 Custom 300 right now. I was wondering if 6 cylinder and 8 cylinder cars have different crossmembers. Thanks

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