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Hello all, Yes. It’s been awhile. Just wanted to update you all on the Ranchwagon project. Nothing has changed. I haven’t done anything with it in over 3 years. I’ve been involved in a major home renovation, starting with a complete Foundation under my 120 year old home! It’s been a back and forth struggle to get the house up to snuff. If you’ve ever seen the movie Money Pit, then you’ll know what my wife and I are dealing with. If you think restoring a car can drive you nuts, try doing it to a house, with a wife, and pets while you are all still living in it.

Then in the midst of the house renovation , my wife and I were blessed to find out we were going to have a baby! He’s a healthy 10 week old now. He truly is a gift from God. But that’s another story.

So the car sits. Waiting for life to calm down a bit. But I’ll be back to it this summer and hopefully get to putting floor pans and inner and outer rockers installed. That should be a hoot.