Ahoy Matey, There Be Treasure in Them There Floorboards!!…Arrrrgh.

Posted: August 2, 2010 in Uncategorized
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I decided to sweep/vacuum out the floorboards of the Ranch Wagon today.  I cleaned out the rear floor & under the seat.  The floors are solid underneath the seat. Which is good news.  The foot area however was a different story. They are very soft or non existent.  When I got to the front floor board on the Passenger side, the vacuum hose became clogged on something.  I assumed it was another pine cone stem, as the squirrels who used the car as a restro styled condominium for decades had filled the car with them.  When I reached down to unclog the vacuum hose this fell off in my hand:

Treasure? In my Ranch Wagon? Through all the years of working on old cars you become accustomed to finding loose change under seats, a quarter here, old pennies there. Old car wash tokens, even a wooden nickel for an old grocery store chain. This was different, because it was very heavy and so large it clogged the end of the suction hose.  I turned the vacuum off and stood up to look at the coin in some sunlight. It was so much heavier and  a lot larger than a Kennedy or Eisenhower half dollar. It was a 1921 Morgan Silver Dollar!

There be treasure in them there floor boards matey!…Arrrghhh.

The vacuum was moved to the side and I grabbed my flash light, the dust pan and small hand held whisk broom to continue the  treasure hunt.  I carefully swept the floor board one inch at a time, and uncovered this:

Another 1921 Morgan Silver Dollar!

I was getting more and more excited, and my internal dialogue in my head was adding “Matey” and “Arrghh” behind every thought. Why was I talking like a pirate? I guess finding treasure will do that to a land-loving scallywag like myself.

I continued the hunt. More sweeping. There was the familiar shape of a coin, Aha! I picked it up. Just a stupid washer. There must be more. More. Keep looking. Come on! Bottle Cap? NO!!!!!!!!!

Then, the familiar circular shape. Shiver me Timbers!!  another coin!:

This coin was an 1878 Morgan Silver Dollar!!

I was now at a mad scramble to find more. There was no “X” marking on this car was there? Because this was the spot.

I peel back a chunk of vinyl floor mat and Whamo! Another coin!:

This coin is a 1922 “Peace” Dollar!

I continued to carefully excavate the treasure floor, but alas….no other coins. The floor was fairly rusty so I wonder how many more coins happened to find their way to the ground over the years?

I don’t know what they’re worth, but maybe these coins might pay for a restoration?  Hmmmmm.

Oh yeah, all this coin finding and I almost forgot, the cars floor boards are clean now.

  1. peter Hendry says:

    Only $100 or so unless they are in great condition I’m afraid.

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