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In preparing to do the floor pans, there are some items I need to remove from the firewall. One of them is the Heater Box.  It is a 3 piece box, with a largest section bolting on from under the dashboard on the passenger side.

The Blower motor & blower motor housing are bolted on from the outside of the car on the firewall.The remaining 4 bolts that hold the large heater box section under the dash also hold the blower motor housing to the firewall. So I had to remove it first.

What a surprise! A Mouse nest! I can’t remember when the last time was that I ever pulled an old car apart and didn’t find a mouse next somewhere inside of it.

Last was the Heater core & it’s metal housing.  Now that these are all out, I can start cleaning the toe board & floor pan up and get to drilling spot welds , cutting pans and prepping to weld in those new pans!