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I have been taking parts off of Rusty before he  goes to the crusher. Unbelievable as it may seem, there are still plenty of useful parts on Rusty. I have been removing dash parts, trim, the rear end, hinges, glass, and misc. items.

In a strange twist of fate, Bob now has a blue ’58 2 door wagon. It has rust in the usual places (floors & rockers), and rust in a very unusual place. Evidently a mouse had crawled up in the headliner and started a nest in the rear section of the side roof. This area is right above the Driver side back seat  rear window area. The nest caused the metal there to rust.

So, Bob came over on a very sunny Saturday with a new cutting tool he was anxious to use and chopped the section of roof out of the Rusty Yellow ’58 wagon.  He also cut out a small section of door post on the drivers side by the rocker that he needed for his wagon.

So, Rusty the wagon is supplying many good parts for 2 other ’58 2 door wagons. He now looks like this: