Frame Coated: Rust Encapsulator Applied

Posted: August 18, 2012 in Uncategorized

This past week has been a real challenge. The temperature has topped 100 degrees for the last 3 days.  I have been grinding the frame with the wire wheel brush attached to the Cordless drill, wire brush, Brillo Pads, putty knives, dental picks, and screwdrivers every night after work. It was tedious, dirty work but paid off. The frame was clean metal, and I was out of energy. The heat has a way of really draining you quick!

The Eastwood products arrived Friday, and with the weather forecast predicting the temp to be in the low 80’s, I was excited to get the frame “encapsulated” & painted with their products.

I used a medium sized paint brush to paint the frame with the quart of Rust Encapsulator. It went on easy, but it is pretty thin and tended to run if I applied to heavy of a coat.  It was my first time using this product, so it took me a couple of strokes to familiarize myself with it.  The first coat is touchable dry in 20 minutes, and the second coat can be applied after an hour of drying. I got 2 coats on, and the overcast day was perfect for it.  The clouds have burned off now, and the bright summer sun is baking it onto the frame real nice.  Tomorrow, I will be applying 2 coats of the Eastwood Chassis paint.  I bought those in Aerosol cans, because I didn’t want any brush marks in the final finish.  Their Chassis Paint has the reputation of being tough as nails when dry, which is what I wanted. I want a tough, durable surface that looks nice when clean and strong enough to withstand the driving I plan to do with the Ranch Wagon when I’m done.

I bought 4 cans of Gloss, and 4 cans of Satin.  I am at a toss up as to which I should use. The control arms were powder coated with Semi Gloss, so maybe I should use the Satin so they’ll be close to the same reflective level.

Well,  I’m off to scrub my hands/face/arms/leg/ and shoulder with Lacquer Thinner. I just couldn’t keep myself from getting this paint on me.

  1. Uncle Atom says:

    Great job, it’s really looking nice. I am changing my Comet Wagon’s four lug front drums to four lug disk brakes using the scarebird brackets. Finally got the front drums broken loose and now I’m doing similar work as you, cleaning up rust and painting. Dirty, tedious, knuckle busting work, but in the end it is well worth the attention.

  2. ckp720 says:

    That looks excellent! I know cleaning is the most tedious part of restoration but you did an outstanding job! I think the original frames for 50’s Ford were gloss black so that would be my choice and I will also “spray bomb” my frame with Eastwood Chassis Black when I get there.

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