I have acquired a factory 1958 Ford Power Brake pedal assembly for cars with an Automatic Transmission.  Someone I knew purchased the unit for the Brake Booster, and gave me the Pedal assembly. I needed an Automatic pedal assembly anyway, so finding one for a Power brake car was a big plus. All I need to do now is find a Kelsey Hayes Brake booster for it.

  1. Uncle Atom says:

    Nice detail on that pedal – Swift Sure – first I have seen that, very cool!

  2. ranchwagon says:

    Yeah. It was nice to find one. Don’t you just love the names for Automotive options back then?

    Swift-Sure Power Brakes
    Ford-o-Matic Transmissions
    Thunderbird Police Interceptor v-8

    Some far-out names for very practical technology.

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