Let’s Get This Thing Rolling.

Posted: July 30, 2011 in Uncategorized
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The Wagon has had a seized up wheel ever since I got it.  It has made it a pain in the neck to move around as I need to, and this morning was the morning to tackle it.  I jacked it up and got the front wheel off, pulled the hub & drum and discovered the brake pads were adjusted so far out they were stuck to the drum. The adjuster was frozen in place with rust.  Also as expected the front wheel bearings were very dry, as the grease had turned to a tar like consistency or chunked up dry bits that fell out when I scraped them.

I cleaned the hub, spindle, and removed the star wheel adjuster.  I soaked the adjuster and finally got it to break loose. Cleaned it up and reinstalled it. Found the outer wheel bearing was bad, luckily I had a new pair in my garage from when I had a ’58 T-bird and used it.

I repacked the hub, bearing and installed the brake drum, tightened it all down and boy does it roll now! I will do the same to the other side,  because even though it spins, it does so grudgingly.  It’s a little too hot now so I think I’ll do it this evening after the overhead sun is on the other side of the garage.


I did the Driver side this evening after the sun was on the other side of t he garage.  It was slightly less seized as the other side. When I was done, I lowered the jack, the tires hit the ground, and promptly rolled backwards off the concrete pad and into the yard! I think it rolls TOO well now.  Pushed it back onto the concrete and blocked the tires.

  1. Uncle Atom says:

    Nice work – this kind of job is satisfying because there aren’t too many things that can go mysteriously wrong. Now you’ll be keeping a close eye on where you left your wheel blocks – good motivation to get the emergency/parking brake working, right?

    • ranchwagon says:

      Bwaa haaa haa! I wish I had a video camera of this whole event. I am sure it would be like watching a Benny Hill episode. I lowered the car off the jack, and didn’t even notice the car rolling away for a couple of seconds. By the time I had, it had momentum going, I grabbed the front bumper but it just pulled me along with it. It rolled about 4 car lengths back into the middle of the back yard. I did find my wheel blocks in the garage and will never do that again!

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