Del Rio Trim Found

Posted: July 9, 2011 in Uncategorized
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I have always liked the deluxe trim for the 1958 Ford Wagons. That trim package was used on the high end level wagon which Ford called “Del Rio”. It was a Gold ribbed band of aluminum that ran down either side of the 1/4 panel and doors, surrounded by stainless trim. I also liked the way the 2 tone paint is used with this trim.

The Blue/White Wagon has the Del Rio Trim.  The Red/White Wagon has the standard Ranch Wagon Trim. I like both, but the Del Rio trim level makes the two/tone paint breaks look better. It is just a matter of personal preference.

So I discovered  that the 1958 Ranchero could be ordered with this Del Rio Trim, and that finding a Ranchero with the trim would be alot easier to find than an actual Del Rio wagon with the trim.  I found a set on Ebay, and purchased it. The trim was in decent shape, with a small ding here or there. It can be repaired and polished fairly easily.  I have done it before, and while it is time consuming I have had great success in making slightly dented trim look like brand new.

  1. Uncle Atom says:

    I agree, the Del Rio trim just looks better. Glad you like the two-tone paint scheme. Have you settled on the colors?

  2. ranchwagon says:

    Hi Uncle Atom,

    Yes. I have decided on the factory color combo of Seafoam Green & White.

    Here is a ’58 Edsel painted the same colors:

    1958 Edsel Ranger  (  Sea Foam  Green  )  and  ( White  )

  3. Uncle Atom says:

    Oh yeah, great choice on colors!

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