Test Fitting Floor Pans

Posted: May 31, 2011 in Uncategorized

I test fit the floor pans this afternoon. I just laid them in there to get a general idea of fit. The main front floor pan was really good. The fit was right, and it gave me enough transmission tunnel area to fix what I needed.


The toe board fit okay. The corner where the transmission tunnel will meet is going to need some fabrication to fit. The rest of the panel fit fine.

The rear floor board however I am not real pleased with. The stamped rounded area around the “bowl” of the floor pan has been cut and bent rather than stamped. It means I will have to do extra welding and fab work on them to fit.  The other sheet metal floor pan vendor has a rear floor panel that goes all the way to the rocker panel and is stamped like the original. However it is 3 times the cost!  I am going to have to think about how I want to proceed with the rear pans.









The left picture is of the RH Passenger rear floor well.  The Right picture is how poorly it fits in there. The stamped corners in the original piece are merely cut and left with an open seam all the way around.

  1. Oskari Valtonen says:

    It´s so inspiring to read your blog! I just bought ’61 Ranch Wagon and started to get rid of the rust. Now I´m wondering, where did you get new floor pans etc.?

    Hope you still can answer me.

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