Floor Pans are Here.

Posted: May 14, 2011 in Uncategorized

I ordered a complete set of floor pans & rocker panels.  They look like they will work.  Here is the right hand passenger side toe board:


                                                                                                SETTING IN PLACE

I will be investing in a welder soon. Until then I will be collecting more parts.

  1. Gene Fenning says:

    My wife and I have a 1959 Ford Ranch Wagon that we are just getting ready to start restoring this week. We have the same situation as in your pictures with our floor pans. Where did you get the replacement floor pans from? Also, the radio, head light, and wiper knobs simply crumble when try to turn them at all. Do you have any idea where we would/could get new/replacement knobs from?

  2. ranchwagon says:

    A ’59 Ranch wagon is a good car. The whole 1959 ford line won a major award for styling that year.

    I got my floor pans from a business called Classic2Current. They are decent, and I chose them for their price. I am okay with having to do some fabrication with their floor pans.

    Their website is: http://www.c2cfabrication.com/

    As for the dash knobs, I assume they are the white knobs with the gold or silver inserts? If they are, they are available at a business called The Bird Nest. They are the same knobs used on Thunderbirds of that year. The knobs are $5.95 each.

    Their website is: http://www.tbirdparts.com

    Good luck with your project.

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