A Solid Parts Car: Organ Donor Found

Posted: February 28, 2011 in Uncategorized

Bob found me a parts car! A 1958 Ford Fairlane 500 Four Door Sedan. It is solid, and will be used for its Cowl, tranny tunnel, and floor pans if they are good enough. Also, it has an original  running 352 V8 with an Automatic Transmission that I will use in the Ranch Wagon.  The wagon’s original 6cylinder/column mount 3 speed trans are completely shot, and will be junked. I will also be using the power steering system off of the Fairlane in the Wagon.

The car has the deluxe dash trim, Town & Country AM Radio and other deluxe trim from a Fairlane 500 that I will be using to jazz up my Ranch Wagon.  The bad weather is delaying the delivery of the car,  the guy is planning on delivering it this coming weekend.  The front sheetmetal looks good, which I can use, or sell to offset the purchase price of the donor car. It was a good find by Bob, and will really help keep the costs down on the sheetmetal end of the restoration.

  1. Uncle Atom says:

    That looks like a pretty good parts car. You are lucky to have a friend helping you find what you need. I’m getting anxious to get back to work on my Comet wagon – hopefully in the next few weeks.

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