Tailgate Dismantling is no fun.

Posted: February 25, 2011 in Uncategorized
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I brought the replacement tailgate into the shop last night and began stripping it.  It started out easy, but ended up a battle of wills.  I got it stripped of all latches, rods, catches, handles, and gaskets.  By the end, I looked like I was in a hatchet fight, as my forearms were all chewed up from having them stuffed up inside of the gate.

It began to snow outside and the temperature dropped quickly so I finished up and ran back into the house. I couldn’t get the phillip head screws that hold the hinges onto the tailgate to budge, so I sprayed them down with some PB Blaster and am hoping it will work its way into the threads and loosen them up.

  1. Uncle Atom says:

    You are so right about hassling with tailgates. I’m guessing those Phillips screw heads are the big ones #3 I think. On my 63 Comet wagon they were a bear until I lucked into finding the right tool. I found a special screwdriver at the local flea market. It has a flat cut along the edge so you can clamp a vice grip to it and get the extra leverage you need. If you have the right size Phillips you could probably grind a flat spot out of it to make the tool you need. Let me know if you need a photo, and good luck!

    • ranchwagon says:

      You are correct Uncle Atom. Those pain in the neck #3 screws. I think I know what kind of tool you mentioned and will be going to search for one soon. Thanks for the advice, I think I’m going to need alot of leverage to get those screws to turn. I guess if we sat in the same spot for 53 years we would be a little hard to move as well!

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