NOS 58 Wagon Back-up Lights

Posted: October 16, 2010 in Uncategorized

I have picked up a set of 1958 Ford Station Wagon Back-up light assemblies. They are like new, with a few minor scratches from being on shelves for the past 52 years.

On a previous post, I had bought another set of 1958 Ford Back-up light assemblies, but upon further inspection the first set were for the 2 door, 4 door and Convertibles.  They will not fit onto the Station Wagon Tail light plates.  Here are a few pictures so you all will see what I mean:

2 Door,4 Door, & Convertible  Rear Back-up lights

Wagon Back-up Lights (Round)

By the way,  I think I just found my favorite ’58 Wagon Color combination.  That Seafoam Green/White color is awesome.  This is certainly at the top of the list for color options for my ’58 Ranch Wagon!

  1. chris says:

    Thats the color combo i used, with polished mags. Everyone loves it. Me too

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