My Car Now Has Wings!

Posted: September 16, 2010 in Uncategorized
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I have  an old picture of my Great Great Grandparent’s 1959 Rambler from a car insurance claim they had back in 1960.  A 1955 Pontiac pulled out in front of them and they rammed into the side of it.  Their Rambler was repaired and served them until my Great Great Grandpa Delberts passing in 1975. The car still remains in the family and I enjoy seeing it when I visit my Grandparents.  I always marveled at this picture, wondering what those 2 kids must have been thinking of this great smash up. Their Rambler had these funny vent deflector wings that were chrome and had round holes in them.  I have added the picture, and if you look at the vent frames on the front doors you will see them.  I always wondered if I would ever find a pair.  Upon further investigation I found out that they were called “Wind Hushers” or “Wind Silencers”.

I found a set on Ebay, and won the auction for them. They are used, but are in nice shape and come with all the mounting hardware.

I will be stockpiling small accessories that I find and putting them away until the Ranch Wagon is done.  I hope to be purchasing rockers and floor pans very soon.

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