Great Parts and Great People From Idaho.

Posted: August 15, 2010 in Uncategorized
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Bob has done it again! He found and forwarded me a craigslist ad for some ’58 Ford Ranchero Parts that will interchange with my Ranch Wagon.  The ad was posted by a fellow in Idaho, who was coming down to Woodburn Oregon for the All Ford Drag & Swap meet.  He was listing some parts he was going to be bringing down with him that were left over from his own ’58 Ranchero restoration.  I called him and after a nice conversation, a deal was struck between Laroy & I for the following parts:

2 doors

2 fenders

Hood hinges

Radiator support

Heater Box,Blower Motor with Housing & Plenum

Emergency Brake assembly

Seat Tracks

Front Cross member for a V-8

Laroy and his lovely wife Donna would be staying the night in a Hotel near my town, and would meet me the day before the swap meet so I could pick up the parts.

When I met up with these folks at their Hotel, they were the kindest people you could ever want to deal with. Although their long trip to Oregon was met with both 100+ degree weather, (and some jerk who cut them off on I-84, causing their loaded trailer to shift and a large gas pump slamming into the back of their nice tailgate,) they were smiling and friendly.  The parts were everything I had hoped for. Laroy & Donna live in north western Idaho, which is desert country. That is the best place to find great sheet metal.  The parts were beautiful. The doors were nice and solid. No rust. The Fenders were already striped and found to be solid and again,no rust. They had typical door dings, but no collision damage.  The rest of the parts were clean and functional. It was a delight to find kind and honest people who were willing to meet up with me BEFORE a swap meet.….and they both helped me load it all into my truck!

They have alot left on the trailer, including another set of doors, a RH fender, a complete rolling chassis, a couple of engines, axles,ranchero bed trim, lots of bins of smaller stuff and 2 nice old gas pumps.  They will be at the All Ford Swap meet in Woodburn Oregon on Sunday, don’t miss ’em. Their prices are great, the parts are clean, and you won’t meet nicer people.

  1. Bob says:

    Wow,looks like you really scored on the parts
    I’m glad every thing work out.


  2. ranchwagon says:

    Yes, it all worked out great. I couldn’t have asked for better parts. Thanks again for forwarding me the ad.

  3. bingham's says:

    Don is a great guy to deal with and we enjoyed the time visiting with him, (100 degrees) so it was kinda quick, but we’re glad to help out on his ford project. It looks like he has the drive to finish this rare project, judging by his optimism. What a fine auto this will be. Good luck Don and it was a pleasure meeting you in person. We did fair at the swap meet and surely enjoyed all the rare and custom Fords at Woodburn. Still have enough items for the september swap meet at Firebired racetrack down the road from us . Bingham’s

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