Fred Flintstone Floors

Posted: August 7, 2010 in Uncategorized

I took the front seat out of the Wagon today.  I wanted to get the factory rubber mat that covered the floors removed so I could really get a good look at the floors:

There was plenty of debris, pine cones, pine needles, tattered remnants of floor mat and an old pull tab Olympia Beer can.

I rolled the garbage can around to the side of the car and and started tearing up and tossing the rubber floor covering.  This stuff traps moisture between the floor boards and the floors and does more damage than its worth.  I will be replacing it with sound deadening and carpeting when that time comes. Probably around 2019.

Before cleaning up LH floor board:

After Cleaning the LH floor board:

I did both left and right had front and rear floors.  Here is after the complete scraping and vacuuming out of the floors:

Oh, one interesting thing I found under the front seat was the factory Radio Delete plate for the Dashboard. I guess my car was ordered without a radio. I stuck it back in its place, which covers the radio opening between the heater controls and the glove box.  My wagon also does not have the factory dash clock.

I am completely wiped out. I am sore in places I had forgotten existed on my body. I feel how those floor boards look.  Extremely Sorry.

I’m not to worried about the floors though. The EMS sheetmetal business I posted about earlier has all the panels I need, and they are complete panels, not just patch panels.

Here are the replacement Panels I will need, directly from the EMS website:

Lh & Rh Toeboards:

Lh & Rh Front Floor Pans:

Lh & Rh Rear Floor Pans:

Transmission Tunnel:

Lh & Rh outer Rocker Panels:

I will also need inner rocker panels, but they are not pictured.

Hey. Fred Flintstone’s car had no floors at all.  So why should mine?

  1. Barry says:

    Man, you have a lot of cutting and welding ahead of you. One step at a time, and you’ll get it. Great that you found that radio delete plate!

  2. Barry says:

    Just noticed this 58 wagon parts car in Kansas and thought I’d let you know.

    • ranchwagon says:

      Thanks for the parts car link Barry. I’ll be contacting that guy very soon. Yeah, I’ll be welding alot. But I need the practice. I have a 1966 Fairlane GT/A Convertible I have been holding onto that needs complete floor pans as well. However this wagon is in alot worse shape. I figure if I can survive this restoration, the Convertible will feel like nothing at all to weld on.

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