Thats not suppose to fall off….

Posted: July 29, 2010 in Uncategorized

Last Sunday Bob and I decided we wanted to try and get the RH passenger side door open.  It was the door that was smashed in the car accident that lead to the Wagon being parked in 1969.  It was not salvageable.  It did prove to be a bit of a challenge for me to get open.  Until Bob showed up and listened to me complain about how I had been trying to get the door open for over a week. How I had tried prying it open, How I twisted and pulled on the door.   While I continued to ramble on about how this door was going to be hard to open, he climbed inside and reached over and lifted up on the inside door handle.  The door opened.  Why hadn’t I thought of that?

After I recovered from feeling stupid, I looked down and noticed that when the door opened the entire Passenger side Outer rocker panel, along with the decorative door sill plate had fallen off and was laying in one big rusty chunk on the ground.

I’ve had alot of things fall off of my cars over the years.  Mufflers, hubcaps, wiper arms, even a spare tire from under my truck.  But a Rocker Panel?

That is a first. I also hope it to be the last time.


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